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Little Moments

“It’s the little moments that make life big.” – Unknown

If someone would have told me a couple years ago how exciting it was to see a baby roll over for the first time I wouldn’t have believed them.  Today, every little thing Dylan does for the first time brings a new level of excitement.



Day 31 – Mother’s Day/1 Month Birthday

Dylan365 Day 31Happy 1 month birthday Dylan!  We are here to support all your dreams.  If you want to be a astronaut then you bet we will be in our backyard looking up in the night sky with you.  If you want to be a professional bowler we will setup a alley in the living room.  

Happy 1st mother’s day Dipa!  It sucks the only gift Dylan could give you was a poppy diaper.  It’s just a matter of time before Dylan will be asking you how many days till mommy’s special day so he can draw/paint/make you a mother’s day card.

Day 3 – Perfect Clarity

Dylan365_Day 3

Bringing a child into this world is one of those few moments when everything is in perfect focus.  There is nothing but you, your wife and your child.

Getting through labor and bringing Dylan home has been stressful but a little adversity never hurt anyone.  Dylan is a pure bundle of joy and we are both learning a little bit about each other every day.

What an amazing week.

38 Weeks and Counting

We’re almost there!  The doctor checked your mom last night and basically said we still have a while to go.  I got the feeling that we shouldn’t expect you early.  Your mom is frightened you wont be born till May.  Now, it’s simply a waiting game until we get to meet you.

We are ready for the day you arrive.  Your room looks amazing and your mom has bought everything that you will ever need.  The only thing we have left to do is install your car seat.

Your Ba calls every morning to get a update on you.  At first it was a little annoying but now I look forward to the call.  It’s weird how my feelings changed toward that phone call.  I guess its my parental feelings/instincts taking over.

We visited a future buddy of yours, Sachi, last night.  I have a feeling you two will get along great.  She was super chill and always smiling, kind of like your parents.  We can only hope you are as easy a baby as she is.





A Letter to my Son on Valentines Day

14 - 4


You’re growing fast Jagdeesh (more on your nickname later) .  You’ll be 31 weeks old tomorrow and will arrive into this world in 2 months.  Today is Valentines Day and I will be taking a picture of your mommy’s belly to remember how fast you have grown.

It feels like your mom and I have been waiting an eternity to meet you.  You have already brought so much excitement to our lives.  After your Nani’s 60th birthday party we watched the Jackie Robinson movie “42”  All I could think about was buying you a mitt to play catch. I have to remind myself not to think to far ahead.

Your mom has done a great job carrying you. The first 20 weeks of her pregnancy were very rough but she battled through it like a superhero.  I truly hope you take after your mother in the face of struggles.  She is a amazing women that no words can fully describe.

Jagdeesh, I hope you know that I’m already trying to be a good dad.  I make sure your mom eats her vitamin every night, gets enough food and rest.  Your mom and I put a lot of thought into your name.  When you’re in 5th grade and the Indian kid next to you is being made fun of because of his name, remember to give your parents a high five.

Jagdeesh.  You’re going to be loved by a lot of people.