Happy Birthday!

Dylan365 Day366


Dear Dylan,

Everyone always told me that having a child is the greatest experience in the world.  One year ago, your mother and I realized that experience.

Our relationship did not start out the way we had planned.  You did not want to come out of your mother’s womb and the doctors had to force you out.  You came into this world screaming but have been smiling every day since.  Dylan365_Day 1

The first few months of your life were some of the most adventurous times of my life.  We spent most of it bouncing on mom’s exercise ball and watching you swing.Dylan365 Day 33Dylan365 Rule 7


We have many proud moments of you.   When we go through these pictures together I will give you the full story behind each one.

Watching you grow this past year is something I will never forget.  Your arrival drove me to be the best father I can be.

Happy Birthday!